About Me

Capturing moments whether it be in a still image or a moving one is something that excites me in photography. I love that passionate connection between two people that carries through on the big screen in films like 500 Days of Summer or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The moments that completely pull you into the story making you connect with the characters on a personal level. Moments that make you feel sick to your stomach, make you giggle uncontrollably or maybe even find yourself yelling at a character through the screen. It's these moments that inspire me as a filmmaker to go out and create stories that completely immerse the audience in a beautiful way. 

If I don't have a camera in my hands or am working hard on a new project, I'm usually drawing inspiration from my favorite directors and artists. YouTube has been the biggest inspiration for me to start creating content. Not only has it given me access to a whole world of creators making fun and entertaining videos everyday but it's also given me the resources to learn all about the film making process. Videos about the latest gear that's being used, tutorials on editing and color grading or the best lighting set up in certain scenes. Most of the things that I know about the process of film making I learned by myself online. I have such a desire to learn as much as I can and as quickly as I can so that I'm prepared for the future but I don't do it because I have to, but because it's what I love.



500 Days of Summer - Photo from The Guardian